MCAT : Success Tips

1.MCAT Strategy – Preparing for the Big Day Part 1
Considerations that need to be made as the MCAT test date approaches
2 MCAT Strategy – General: Food for the Big Day
Discussion on an MCAT topic that is often neglected, but can give you an edge over the competition. That topic is food. What type of nutrition will help you perform to the best of your ability?
3 MCAT Strategy – Tips on Studying for Biological Sciences
Advice to help guide your studying when it comes to the biological sciences section.
4 MCAT Strategy – MCAT Aftermath: How to Keep your Sanity
This Video is discussing what not to do after the MCAT exam. It gives you advice on how to endure the month long wait without driving yourself bonkers.
5 [MCAT Strategy – MCAT Study on the Go
Sometimes you have dead time during the day like when in transit or at a boring job and you want to have some study materal to make better use of that time. This video goes over the topic of studying for the MCAT on the Go. Discussion on -Flashcards -Dication Learning -Smartphones -Kaplan’s MCAT in a Box -Examkrackers Audio Osmosis
6 [MCAT Strategy – PS: Tips to Increase your Score
Advices that can help you tackle the physical sciences section. Planning -Categorization -Avoiding Long calculations -Formulas
7 [MCAT Strategy – Elements of Successful MCAT Study
Creating the proper study environment, having the right attitude and good planning will start you off on the right foot when it comes to your MCAT study. In this video, you will find practical advice. Some will be obvious, while some advice will be something new for you. You either set yourself up for success, or set yourself up for failure. The choice is up to you to make.
8 [MCAT Strategy – Home Study Guide
A guide for those who decide to prepare independently for the MCAT. Topics include: -Advantages and disadvantages to home study -Personal Requirements – Materials you will need to prepare properly Any comments, questions or suggestions are welcome.
9 [MCAT Strategy – FAQ: How Long Should I Study?

Addressing the frequently asked question (FAQ): How long should… I address the frequently asked question (FAQ): How long should I study?

10. Biological Sciences Neuron Structure
This video goes over the structure of the neuron and the functions of its various parts. Any comments, questions or suggestions are welcome.